Why Wix is no more a popular website builder

If you are considering using Wix to build a website for your business, think again. Here are some reasons why this cloud-based website development platform is losing popularity especially amongst Indian ventures.

Augustine Antony

Today, when most customers have become net savvy, a sound internet presence is no longer a frivolous trend to be indulged in only to stay au courant. It has become a necessity that business owners cannot shy away from. A website that is great to look at, easy to navigate, and has all the information that a potential buyer may need while making a purchase can help you reel in customers whose decisions are primarily based on what they see online. It is also vital for the website to work without any glitches and load as quickly as possible to give online clientele a delightful experience. The idea of creating a perfect website from scratch can be daunting for most business owners especially since very few of them possess the required web development expertise. Luckily, to make things easier for such people, a host of website development platforms are available. One such platform is Wix, created by a Tel Aviv based company called Wix.com Ltd. While Wix used to be a popular option for millions across the globe, of late some of its less than perfect features have begun disenchanting people, especially those operating in India. Some of the reasons behind this disillusionment are as follows:

1.       Limited Ability To Customise - One of the most significant disadvantages of using Wix is that it restricts you to standard templates. As a result, you have minimal scope for customisation and hence are stuck with the same cookie-cutter designs offered by the platform. Elements that are not a part of the template are usually non-customisable. Colours and fonts, for instance, can be modified only to a certain degree. Moreover, if you wish to animate a logo or text, you have merely a set of 6 standard animations to choose from. Even if you have your own code for a customised piece of animation, you cannot upload it to the root folder.

2.       Does Not Accept All Payment Gateways – For eCommerce websites, the ability to offer a variety of payment options is a must. Unfortunately, in India, the only payment gateway supported by Wix is PayU. Popular payment options like PayTM are not provided by PayU, therefore, making Wix based websites less attractive for shoppers.

3.       Inconvenient for Large Websites – The depth of navigation for Wix-based websites is restricted to two levels. It, therefore, becomes quite cumbersome to manage large websites that are made up of over 30 individual pages [1]. Besides, the Wix editor tends to get slower as you continue to add pages to your website.

4.       Moving To Another Platform Is Tough – There is no easy way to export data from Wix to another platform in case you decide to change. Moving your content to the new platform will entail copying and pasting every bit of data to the new location. This process can be painfully slow and time-consuming.

5.       Does Not Support Heavy Files Very Well – Wix servers are not very good at supporting heavy files like videos. To be able to view such files uninterruptedly, one has to have high-speed internet, something that is not very common at least in the deeper pockets of India. Also, Wix does not give an option to upgrade the server either (even if there is such a feature, it is not easily discernible).

Wix may be a good choice for those who are looking at creating simple websites for a short duration. However, if you have plans to expand your business and also require integration of different payment gateways on your website, it is better to give Wix a pass and look at other options.

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