Take More Time to Write Less Content for Content Marketing

Unsure of siding with quality or quantity when it comes to your content marketing strategy? My vote is quality and here's why.

Ashwarya Shukla

‘Content is king’ may be an overused phrase but still serves as an extremely relevant rule for marketers of the modern age. The evolution of content marketing has been one with many turning points- from questioning the importance of content marketing; we have now jumped leaps and bounds to debate which is more important: quantity or quality.

The times we live in allow us to access information with little to no restraints. This freedom is both an advantage and a challenge for any marketer. This ‘unrestricted access’ is what makes the debate of quantity or quality so fascinating. As the mediums to disseminate your content expand, the attention span of your audience shrinks.

The expanding volume, a boon for some and bane for others, is now pushing marketers to strike a balance between quantity and quality in their content marketing strategy. For too much presence may put off your audience and too little might not leave an indelible mark at all.

The industries of digital marketing and online media will agree with me when I say shearing out the volume of content in exchange for the quality produced is a good strategy to abide by. However, stressing on merit of content, while the worlds of Facebook and Twitter are flooded and cluttered and your audiences are spoiled with choices; may urge you to dissuade your focus from merit to volume. From quality to quantity.

 So why stay the course of quality content?

Here’s why: the flipside to the flooding of social media networks is that the audiences inherently get better at filtering out what content catches their eye and what doesn’t. What content puts them off and what doesn’t. Whether this decision is based off of design or content, will be reflected once you run A/B testing, but the matter of fact still remains that regardless of the ever-shrinking attention span, the audience is almost too aware of what they want to see. If your content marketing strategy, from its ideation to its execution, can encapsulate what your audience wants to see, your content will stand out without much effort. And the by-product of a quality-driven content strategy will be your audience making peace with how many times you push your content out for them to see.

We live in the age of transparency, and audiences crave authenticity. Good quality content becomes a brand’s instrument to bring out their authenticity to their audiences.

So, what is quality content?

High quality content understands the demands of your audience and delivers value. Value could be in terms of usability or information, it doesn’t matter, as long as your users derive value.

Identifying your sources of content, such as reviews, original research, correct language and testimonials, and leveraging them can help show your brand’s credibility and originality.

Whether that is presenting old information in a new manner or collating multiple viewpoints to reach new information, high quality content always brings something new to the table.

Correct and precise content is the foundation of being credible in the eyes of your audience. Good quality pieces are always well articulated leaving you with clarity after you are done reading it.

Facebook’s algorithm rewards content popularity over authority. Capturing your audience’s attention means curating content that triggers emotional responses or likes, shares, retweets in social media language.

High quality is more output than input. Your content should allow the audience to derive information and use out of the content you put out. High quality content will help you achieve your marketing objectives; whether they are lead generation, rankings, engagement or conversions.

Finally, quality content is successful content. It will be seen in your data insights that show strong engagement rates of your audience with your brand. Quality content also drives conversions. Good, well-written content that triggers an emotional response out of your audience, that is packaged in an attention-grabbing format will increase your brand affinity. Think of quality content, like a unicorn in the world of donkeys, it will stand out and be recognised; driving conversions, getting loyal customers to your brand and maintaining them.



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